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My Story

Growing up what kid doesn't like eating sweets. A nice slice of pie or cake always seems to make me happy. My favorite kind of pie growing up was a Lemon Meringue pie. My favorite part of the pie is the fluffy toasted meringue topping, I loved the way it melted in my mouth. The lemon filling is great but it’s the topping for me.

Baking has become my refuge. When I bake I haven't a care in the world, it’s my stress-free zone. I bake to calm my mind. You may say that how does baking calm my mind. Well baking is like directing a well-orchestrated symphony everything works together in harmony to create a beautiful master piece. 

I do not have a favorite cake to bake, but I love mini cakes because you can eat a whole cake and its only 1 serving.   

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