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Getting Started

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Getting started is the hardest thing I face especially when it comes to doing things for myself . Sometimes the problem is just where do I start.

I have been a home baker for a while and a few years ago I kind of decided to take it to the next level. Nothing big but friends and family would ask me to bake for events, birthdays or just because and yes, I got paid. It wasn’t steady just here a there and at times enough to keep me up all night but it was fun. I would say, I should call myself the midnight baker because I was often up late into the early hours of the morning baking or decorating.

But back to the getting start part. It was hard to decide website or not? Do I build it myself or do I pay someone? Too many question to answer. When I finally decided I’m going to do this website I had to come up with a domain name. Now something else I had to get started on. It took forever! I came up with a mane and then I did not really like it. Getting started just seemed so hard and then I did not understand much that made it harder.

By this time I have my domain name, got it from go daddy. I had one thing finally checked off my list. Now onto the hosting platform, I talked to my cousin and asked her what platform did she use to host her website. She said Bluehost, I signed up with Bluehost and for the next 6 months I attempted to build my website and I was all thumbs. I finally paid someone to put the site together and it was ok. Then I wanted to update it and that is where it all went south. Why did it go south you ask, because now I had to get started again with figuring something out. After months of trying to figure it out, I left it alone and accidentally forgot to pay the hosting fee the next year which was ok. I figured I'll find a new hosting platform and go from there. That bought me to Wix and it was simple enough, I’m still learning but I am doing much better than before.

I started with Wix in August and it has taken so long to publish because I did not know what to put in the Bio page. Again, getting started was hard, should the bio be light and funny or should be deep and heart felt hopefully I have found a happy medium. But it was making myself sit down and getting started on writing something.

I had to tell myself that if you and get things done for your 9 to 5 you can do this for yourself. Tonight, I sat down and got started. Hence the bio is written, I did my first posting in recipe for the week and I even writing this blog. Well this is more like a rant but it’s something, I’m proud of myself for that.

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